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Docker: backing up and ensuring our data on Docker and GDrive

To lost your production data is not a funny situation. Configure a periodic backup is really a good idea, but is not enought if you keep you backup files in the same computer you have the original data. you are putting all eggs in the same basket. Let me share with you an idea that allows you to do a periodic backup and upload all the generated backup to a cloud storage server like google drive.

dotnet core: clean architecture in .net core 5 – intro

Our experience with Uncle Bob’s Clean Architecture in net core 5 is being very good. We used Jason Taylor’s clean Architecture template as the starting point. This approach uses the CQRS concept to subdivide all the internal business logic and make use of several “state of the art” libraries and concepts that creates an environment where the main application logic can be expressed with simplicity and isolated from other generic requirements like validations, DTO’s transformation, Authorization, etc.